Thursday, 19 December 2013

Black HTC One max officially joins HTC’s smartphone lineup

Black is a timeless color, so why not take the HTC One max and give it a new color treatment? Dipping your phone is a bucket of paint probably isn’t the smartest thing to do, so we suggest you just by the new black HTC One max instead. At the moment, the black HTC One max is available exclusively in Taiwan for HK$6,198 ($799 USD), but since the HTC One and HTC One mini have been released in multiple color options in markets across the globe, we see no reason why the black HTC One’s availability will not spread in the coming weeks. Honestly, we’re a bit surprised not to see a red HTC One max announcement as well since an image of a red variant was leaked about a week ago.
If we were given a choice between gray, black or red HTC One max, we’d probably opt for the black model. Then again, the HTC One in vivid blue does offer a quite a unique flare.
Source: HTC


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