Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Customize your phone with HTC new Sense 5 wallpaper collection

Like many of you, we’re (impatiently) waiting for our U.S. service provider to announce when the HTC One will be available to purchase. We’re mostly excited about the new specs and camera features, but we always love getting our hands on a phone which has a new UI as well. In an effort to make the wait for the HTC One a little more bearable, we’re hoping you guys will enjoy a handful of new HTC Sense 5 wallpapers pulled from the HTC One.
We know, a few Sense 5 wallpapers will only keep you entertained for a few minutes, but at least you can decide now which wallpaper you’ll be using first once you purchase your HTC One in the coming weeks. If you want to download a wallpaper on your Android device, simply long press an icon below and select “save link” from the pop-up menu. The image will be saved in your Downloads folder and can be accessed from your Media Gallery.
Source: HD Blog


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