Thursday, 17 October 2013

Report: HTC on tap to develop three Amazon smartphones in 2014

Rumors of an Amazon phone have been floating around for years, but we’re now getting word that Amazon is working with HTC to develop three different smartphones which will be released in 2014. One of the three Amazon smartphones is said to be  in an “advanced stage of development,” which could indicate an early-2014 launch.
The Financial Times has not released any information regarding specifications for the three phones, but it stands to reason that Amazon will be working with HTC to deliver Android powered phones at three distinct price points. Amazon has made a name for itself in the Android tablet space with the Kindle Fire line, securing high  sales numbers by discounting the price of the devices to consumers. Amazon sells it’s tablets at cost, securing all of its profits through app, movie, music and books sales through its tightly integrated Amazon store – a strategy that has also proven successful for Google and Xiaomi.
HTC’s recent financial woes may be short lived if Amazon is able to successfully penetrate the smartphone segment. At this point, it’s impossible to know is consumers will accept Amazon as a contender in the smartphone race, but we’re definitely interested in seeing what Amazon and HTC will bring to market in 2014.


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